My name is Kunda and I am an artist that loves painting watercolours. In my youth, I specialised in portraiture but then stopped painting for a while to raise my children and look after my home. I have recently picked up the brush again after a long ailment and want to use it for social good.

With the help of one of my daughters, I have started a small art enterprise, Kundakala, to empower disadvantaged women in my community.  My aim is to create a small business selling my art products across the world.

Currently, our very small venture is run by two women, who in addition to working in people’s houses, also want to upskill themselves and improve their circumstances. These women are primary breadwinners in their households and this enterprise has given them a new livelihood.

My aim is to expand this small venture with your support and give opportunities to more women in similar life situations.

Kundakala products are very much a family project – my daughter deals with the printing of my art, one of my grandchildren has designed the logo; the other has named the products; and a third has given me ideas on how to use my work for social good. 

In time we would like to earmark a percentage of profits on Kundakala products for  The Anand Charity – an enterprise that raises funds for children in India enabling them to access sport coaching, facilities and nutrition.

Hope you like our work!

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